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Promoting My Bot

Best Practices When Promoting Your Bots!

The below are all the links embedded into the chatbot menu.  Team members can access them by choosing option 2 on the menu, TEAM AREA, then GLOBAL PARTNERS and finally CHECK OUT INFO... the bot shares for each of these 1) the image, 2) the link and 3) some sales copy - it's all setup so guys can share!!

Sharing these links on social media will drive more traffic to your BOTS and to the FB Page where the Rotators are hooked up LIVE and will help us keep the subscribers in an ACTIVE status so we can continue to drive more signups !! AMAZING

NEW >> The 21 Day Video Follow Up Series is LIVE and so YOUR BOT will be following up with YOUR Prospects every day for 21 days ! ! !

Follow the Blueprints to grow your brand and attraction marketing skills and send people to your BOT for all the details on YOUR CFX Biz!

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